NM and others v Smith and others (CCT69/05) 2007 ZACC
Keywords: consent, disclosure, HIV status, publication, media law
Minister of Health v Treatment Action Campaign 2002 ZACC 15; 2002 (5) SA 721; 2002 (10) BCLR 103
Keywords: access to medicine, antiretrovirals, children, essential medicines, health funding, HIV, maternal health, HIV, public health care, health law
VRM v Health Professions Council of South Africa 2002 ZAGPHC
Keywords: consent, counseling, informed choice, testing, medical profession
Joy Mining Machinery v National Union of Metal Workers J158/02; 2002 ZALC 7
Keywords: employment, confidentiality, counseling, HIV status, informed choice, testing
Harksen v Lane NO and Others (CCT9/97) 1997 ZACC 12; 1997 (11) BCLR 1489; 1998 (1) SA 300 (7 October 1997)
Note: Facts of the case not related to HIV/AIDS. A useful case for the interpretation of “other” ground of unfair discrimination under Constitutional “Equality Clause”.
Keywords: discrimination, equality, “other” ground
National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality and Others v Minister of Home Affairs and Others (CCT10/99) 1999 ZACC 17; 2000 (2) SA 1; 2000 (1) BCLR 39 (2 December 1999)
Note: Facts of the case not related to HIV/AIDS. A useful case that discrimination can be on more than one ground.
Keywords: discrimination, equality, sexual orientation
JNP Jansen van Vuuren and another NNO v MJ Kruger 1993 4 SA 842 (AD)
Keywords: disclosure, HIV, HIV status, privacy, medical profession
CV v Minister of Correctional Services 1996 (4) SA 292 (T)
Keywords: HIV, informed consent, pre-test counseling, prisoners




ProBono.ORG - Commemorating World AIDS Day Introduction Video
Summary: The first video in a series of videos to better equip pro bono legal practitioners to advise and assist persons living with HIV/AIDS in realizing their human rights. (~5min)
ProBono.Org - Commemorating World AIDS Day Webinar 1 Dec 2020 Recording
Summary: The objective of the webinar was to galvanize legal practitioners to undertake pro bono work in respect of HIV/AIDS. (~60min)

On the 2nd February 2021, ProBono.Org hosted a webinar encouraging legal practitioners to reduce HIV and TB stigma.

Distribution of Deceased Estates in terms of the Islamic Law of Succession and Islamic Wills by Dr Muneer Abduroaf