Masters Legal Clinic

Venue: Johannesburg Masters office – 66 Marshall Street, Johannesburg
Wednesdays: 09h00 – 13h00

Assistance can only  be provided in respect of estates valued at R250 000 or less. Assistance is provided for:

  • Validity of wills
  • Invalid letters of authority
  • Fraudulent conduct
  • Transfers of immovable properties from estates to beneficiaries
  • Drafting of redistribution agreements
  • Guidance regarding duties of executors and the procedure that needs to be followed to wind up a deceased estate
  • Advice regarding provisions related to intestate succession

Refugee Legal Clinic

Venue: ProBono.Org Offices
Thursdays from 09h00 – 13h00

The attorneys who staff the clinic will be able to assist with the following:

  • Appeals of decisions by the Refugee Determination Officer
  • Section 27 certification
  • Applications for residence permits
  • Applications for the joinder of files in the case of marriage
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Assisting with obtaining health care when it has been refused
  • Assisting where schools have refused to enrol children
  • Approaching courts where discrimination occurs as a result of their statusThe clinic does not assist with the following:
  • Repatriation: this is done by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Labour Law Legal Clinic

Venue: ProBono.Org Offices
The first Tuesday of every month from 09h00 to 12h00

Legal practitioners assess the merits of labour disputes and advise clients on how best to proceed.

Wills Clinic

Venue: Probono.Org Offices
Every second and fourth Friday of the month from 11h00 to 15h00

The Legal practitioners consult with clients after which, they draft and finalise wills for those who have been seen.

Hogan Lovells Police Brutality Law Clinic

Venue: 1st floor west wing, Constitution Hill, 1 Kotze street, Braamfontein
First and third tuesdays of every month: 09h00 – 12h00

  • General advice
  • Preliminary assessment of merits of matter
  • Preliminary advice on issues such as prescription, compliance and jurisdiction
  • Referral to other state departments / forums e.g. ICD
  • Assistance with drafting of complaints

Housing Legal Clinic

Venue: 1st Floor West Wing, Constitution Hill, 1 Kotze Street, Braamfontein
Fortnightly every 2nd Friday: 09H00 – 13h00

The attorneys who staff the legal clinic will be able to assist clients with the following:

  • Providing general legal advice regarding housing related matters
  • Providing assistance and representation in respect of housing related matters
  • Facilitating mediation between the tenants and landlord and/or estate agents or managing agents
  • Assisting clients with eviction and spoliation matters
  • Liaising with the Johannesburg City Council
  • Providing further legal action where required

Domestic Violence Legal Clinic

Venue: Randburg Magistrate’s Court – 18 Shepard Ave, Bryanbrink, Randburg
Thursdays: 09h00 – 13H00

The attorney who will staff the clinic may be required to assist clients with the following:

  • Drafting of legal documents;
  • Filling of forms;
  • Providing legal advice;
  • Providing guidance regarding court procedures; and
  • Representation (where the attorney wishes to take on matters)

Family Law Clinic

Venue: 1st floor west wing, Constitution Hill, 1 Kotze Street, Braamfontein
Wednesdays: 09h00 – 13h00

The attorneys who staff the legal clinic will be able to assist clients with the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Guardianship
  • Care, contact and primary residence of children
  • Domestic violence
  • Division of estates upon divorce
  • Drafting of wills
  • Foster care and adoption
  • Rescission of divorces where an individual was divorced without their knowledge
  • Registration of customary marriages
  • Divorces, where there is a dispute relating to care and contact of the children
  • Rights of same-sex couples and related matters
  • Cohabitation agreements and resolution of disputes resulting from co-habitation
  • Adoption

Durban Legal Clinics

Tuesday: Refugee Clinic at ProBono.Org offices

Tuesday: Consumer / Small Claims Help desk at DBN Magistrate’s Court, Room 1039A, Somtseu Road, Durban

1st Wednesday of the month: kZN Deaf Association General Advice Help Desk at 180 Steve Biko (Mansfield) Road, Durban. This help desk is exclusively for deaf members of the community

Wednesday: Housing Clinic at ProBono.Org offices

Wednesday: Chatsworth General Advice Clinic at Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court

Wednesday: SASLAW / ProBono.Org Labour Help Desk at 1st Floor, Durban Labour Court, 269 Anton Lembede Street, Durban

Thursday: Deceased’s Estates Help Desk at Master’s office, 2nd Floor, 2 Devonshire Place, (off Anton Lembede Street) Durban

Thursday: Family Law/Divorce Clinic at DBN Magistrate’s Court, Room 1039A, Somtseu Road, Durban

Thursday: Ntuzuma General Advice Clinic at Ntuzuma Magistrate’s Court

Friday: Umlazi General Advice Clinic at Umlazi Magistrate’s Court, Mangosuthu Highway, Umlazi

Due to the large number of people seeking assistance, please phone one of our offices to make an appointment to attend a clinic.