SAPS ‘failed’ burnt woman

POLICE are investigating the conduct of the Sophiatown police station after alleged negligence by its officers resulted in a woman being set on fire. The investigation comes more than nine months after the
gruesome murder, as the woman’s family struggle to cope. Brenda Hedges lived for more than a decade with her daughters, Lucille and Cecilia Schaper, Cecilia’s husband Roeland Bosman, and the couple’s five children in Newlands. All three women were granted protection orders against Bosman because of years of physical and emotional abuse, but polic


Daughter watches as mom dies at the hands of abuser

Domestic abuse remains unheard as victims are kept silent by an uncaring justice system, writes Shain Germaner
LUCILLE Schaper still lives in the room where she watched her mother burn after being set alight. A few marks created by the flames can still be seen on the wall, but the new paint job and rearrangement of the room’s few sticks of furniture has masked most of the damage. Schaper and her sister, Cecilia, had been living in the Newlands home for almost a decade with Cecilia’s husband, Roeland Bosman, their five children and invalid mother, Brenda Hedges. But it was never a happy time. Schaper recalls the time when Bosman beat Cecilia with a metal pipe, the time he put a gun in her face, and the numerous times he threatened “to burn the house down with everyone in it”.


When helping a child becomes priceless

NGO’s One Child A Year campaign calls on lawyers to take on at least one case involving a child per year without costs. Shain Germaner reports.

Johannesburg – It could have been prevented. Doctors said Colin* will never have a normal bowel movement again.

At just 4-years-old, he was raped – allegedly by his own uncle – to the point of internal disfigurement. But Colin isn’t the only rape survivor in his East Rand family.

His two sisters, aged 5 and 7, were also raped two years ago, supposedly by the same person.

Police took months to take a statement from the family after the first incident, and the perpetrator was never arrested because a criminal case was never properly lodged.