C A S E research workshop on the Maintenance Legal Clinic Project – 10 July 2012

This workshop was hosted by Fasken Martineau. The focus was on the research conducted by the Community Agency for Social Enquiry (C A S E) on ProBono.Org’s Maintenance Legal Clinic Project, the practical and systemic problems facing the maintenance system and the legal reform of the current child support and maintenance system.

The speakers were:

  • Querida Saal (CASE).
    Download the presentation here
  • Natasha Wagiet (LRC).
    Download the presentation here
  • Natasha Budlender (Independant Consultant).
    Download the presentation here

Law Society of South Africa Welcomes the Legal Practice Bill

22 May 2012: For immediate release
The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) welcomes the publication of the long-awaited Legal Practice Bill. ‘This Bill has been in the making for more than a decade, and throughout that pr ocess, the LSSA has been
cooperating with the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and other stakeholders as it has been of the view that the existing Attorneys Act of 1979 is outdated and needs to be replaced with new legislation that unites the legal professi on, complies with the Constitution, the Competition Act and transformation imperatives. In addition, the Bill must do the necessary to guarantee that the profession is governed and regulated in the best way to serve the public interest, while maintaining the independence of the profession. The Bill must ensure access to justice for members of the public and equitable access to the
 rofession and to legal work for legal practitioners,’ say LSSA Co-Chairpersons Krish Govender and Jan Stemmett.

The Law Report – SAfm

“I present a weekly radio programme on SAfm (104-107fm) called “The Law Report”… which is an access radio programme where listeners are invited to call in with any problems they may have relating to that particular week’s programme.” – Karen Key
Karen Key interviewed Erica Emdon and Kisha Candasamy on Monday 21 May, 2012.


Workshop on Refugee Law hosted by Randles Inc. in Pietermaritzburg – 13 April 2012

We at ProBono.Org are constantly developing new pro bono opportunities for lawyers, and our next project will be a Refugee Legal Clinic in Pietermaritzburg. This project aims to replicate the successful weekly Refugee Wendy Hughes-Madondo & Advocate Bruce Bedderson- The Journey of Tresor Matoleo Legal Clinic held at our Durban offices, and which is staffed by legal professionals on a roster basis.Should you be interested in volunteering in any way, we would be interested to hear from you as to your areas of expertise and interest. You may contact odette@probono.org.zain this regard.The following documents were available to the workshop delegates:

Seminar Programme
ProBonoOrg lawyer pamphlet
Wendy Hughes-Madondo & Adv. Bruce Bedderson

HIV/AIDS and the Law – 23 March 2012

ProBono.Org hosted a training workshop at Webber Wentzel on 23 March 2012 for attorneys and other interested parties on various issues related to HIV / AIDS and the Law (including employment law, social grants, testing, confidentiality and disclosure).A representative from Section 27 also did a brief presentation on the government’s new National Strategic Plan for 2012 – 2016, an important consideration for all HIV / AIDS projects.The speakers were: Metumo Shilange of Section 27; Reghana Tulk of Fasken Martineau and Thifulufheli Sinthumule of Black Sash

The following documents were available to the workshop delegates (copies are available upon request):

  • HIV and AIDS Recommendation, 2010 (No. 200)
  • Irvin and Johnson Ltd v Trawler & Line Fishing Union & Others [2003] 4 BLLR 379 (LC)

Housing Workshop hosted at Fasken Martineau

The awareness of housing matters as a national concern was echoed by the presence of member of the legal profession, grassroots community-based organisations, NGOs and representatives from various government departments.Below you will find links to download the electronic copies of resource packs and material provided to the attendees.

Case: Olivia Road
Case: Maphango
Case: Blue Moonlight (SCA)
Case: Blue Moonlight (CC)

Read a write-up of the event in our Newsroom

Law Society of South Africa: Latest Developments of the Bill – January 2012

Section 96 (1)(a)(i) of the LPA stipulates how the nominations must be made by the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA):
National Forum on Legal Profession
96. (1) A National Forum on the Legal Profession (hereafter referred to as the ‘‘National Forum’’) is hereby established as a body corporate with full legal capacity
and comprising of the following members:
(a) 16 legal practitioners, namely—
(i) eight attorneys designated by the Law Society of South Africa, two of which represent the Black Lawyers Association, two of which represent the National Association of Democratic Lawyers, one of which represents the Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope, one of which
represents the Law Society of the Orange Free State, one of which represents the Law Society of the Transvaal and one of which represents the Natal Law Society; …’