Home Affairs names and shames SA’s abandoned children

Article published on the Daily Maverick, 18 OCT 2016 01:00 (SOUTH AFRICA), by ROBYN WOLFSON VORSTER. Child abandonment is a scourge in South Africa. As numbers soar, the battle is on to ensure that abandonment does not permanently define the lives of survivors. But those efforts are being severely hampered by

Domestic violence, with a focus on economic abuse and the suspended warrant

Article by Swazi Malinga When one mentions the word domestic violence, the immediate picture that comes to mind is that of a battered woman covered in bruises with a swollen face. However the truth of the matter is that domestic violence does not end there. Perhaps she was threatened, intimidated and

Women’s Day Breakfast

Durban director ShamikaDwarika with EvitaBezuidenhout ProBono.Org Durban currently has 218 firms on our panel of attorneys and is signing up new firms all the time. We deal with so many attorneys, but very rarely do we have an opportunity to socialise with them. Recently, however, attorneys Garlicke

Too costly to ignore - the economic impact of gender-based violence in South Africa - KPMG Human and Social Services

It is well documented that South Africa has one of the highest rates of gender-based violence (GBV) in the world. But until now what has been less well documented is the economic cost to society of these horrific and unacceptable levels of violence. This report thus represents an important contribution

Pro Bono: A Transformation Issue

Article by Andy Bester. Published in the April edition of the Advocate.

The majority of south africans cannot afford legal representation. In 2011 the average monthly household income was R9 962. The average household income of a black family was R5 803 and that of households headed by a woman,

The Legal Practice Act and Community Service

Article by Erica Emdon ProBono.Org is involved in discussions with stakeholders on the Legal Practice Act, and we are developing our own position on what we think “community service” (dealt with in Section 29 of the Act) should constitute. Section 29 of the Act covers people within the legal profession, more specifically

Empowerment disempowers marginalised refugees - April 2016 Newsletter

Article by Richard Chemaly One often reads about the plethora of obstacles plaguing asylum seekers. Some believe that the system is as rigorous as it is because the benefits of acquiring refugee status place refugees on an equal footing with South African citizens. They would be wrong. Even naturalised African refugees get

Pension theft: how low can you go?

Article from: NEWS/SOUTH-AFRICA / 18 April 2016 at 17:04pm By: Georgina Crouth Illegal deductions from the accounts of Social Security Agency grant beneficiaries is rife, says consumer watchdog Georgina Crouth. The parliamentary shenanigans of recent times have certainly been entertaining to watch on television, but they detract from the actual work that should

Case study - Married without her knowledge

Our client AM required assistance to have her marriage declared null and void and the registry rectified by the Department of Home Affairs after she found out that she was married to someone she had never met. AM had thought that she was applying for a job shortly after finishing